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We’re here to help with your next digital marketing project. Don't hesitate to ask us for a free quote regarding your Shopify website, SEO project or other webshop or social media support. We work with small businesses globally. 

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What is your expertise as a Shopify SEO agency?
Not only did we run our own Shopify website for 10 years -where we were our own Shopify SEO agency so to speak - we have also helped a range of international clients acheive SEO success. We believe in optimising the customer journey, the website look, feel and copy (including product descriptions optimised for SEO) and purchase intent. We also look at things like your Shopify theme, brand messaging and apps for your store, in order to optimise your ranking on Google (and other search engines), as well as sales.
Do you have any Shopify SEO Courses?

No, not yet anyways. But I do Shopify SEO training for small businesses, either in person (if you happen to be based in Scandinavia) or online.  

Do you have a business idea but not sure how to get it online?

Simply contact us by filling out the form and we will happily schedule in a free consultation, so we can tell you how we can help you with your Shopify store.

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