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Blog: The Scandi Minimal Website Is For Sale

Selling Scandi Minimal - Read On....

Selling Scandi Minimal - Read On....

Gabrielle Spang
3 minute read

It's time again! I am selling Scandi Minimal - my webshop. Read on to find out more....

The past 18 months, since I closed down my previous webshop, Scandi Mini, has been a real journey. Covid hit, homeschooling started, lockdowns became a reality and I started thinking, I mean really thinking, about what I wanted to do when I grew up.

As I had stock from my previous website, I started Scandi Minimal with the view that it should be a short term project only. Exactly a year ago I published a blog post saying that although I had already launched the website, I had decided to change careers and would happily sell it to whoever wanted to run their own (interiors) webshop. To make a long story short, despite this, I decided to run it for a year then sell it. And now, here we are. I am ready to hand it all over to whoever may be dreaming of a career in ecommerce.

So, why I am taking this new step?

The truth is, I want to explore new things, try different careers and explore how I can best make use of what I have learnt over the past 20 years working in ecommerce, digital marketing and social media. I've been doing this webshop gig now for 11 years. I've also realised I would rather help people with what I've learnt rather than continuing with what I already know. And a new degree may be on the cards too, let's see. 

The Details:

Have you always dreamt of having your own business? One where you can shape your future, your offering and work flexible hours? Then running a webshop may be just the job for you.

If you are interested in buying Scandi Minimal, I would be happy to discuss the price for the following:

The Scandi Minimal website and its customer base 

The Full inventory (Price TBD) 

The Email Subscribers We've Acrrued Over The Past Year

The Instagram @scandiminimalshop account (circa 1500 followers - could easily grow)

I would also be very happy to give you a full day's training on how to run everything.

If you are interested, please get in touch at

What is happening next?

As I've long decided to move on, I will be looking to sell the shop as soon as possible. If this does not work, which may very well be the reality, I will update you on next steps. Don't worry, the shop will not close down and your orders will definitely be sent out on a daily basis, until we say so.  

Time for a change!

xx Scandi Minimal Gabrielle 

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