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Behind The Brand - Interview with Fine Little Day

Behind The Brand - Interview with Fine Little Day

Gabrielle Spang
3 minute read

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Interview with Fine Little Day 

Sparked by the growing interest in Scandinavian design and its simplicity, we want to learn more from brands who've been using their platforms right from the start to share their passion for art, design and the environment. So let us introduce you to Elsabeth Dunker, co-founder of Swedish brand Fine Little Day, who has been running her art and design brand since 2007, from a small office and shop in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Tell us how it all started.....and how you came up with the name "Fine Little Day"?

When starting out I had no plan or wish for anything really. I just wanted to try out the blog forum. I enjoyed taking photos, it helped me notice and appreciate small and simple things in every day life. I also liked the networking, the interaction with people around the world. About our name, I wanted a phrase that would sound a bit wrong or awkward so it would stuck in the mind.

What is your vision behind the brand? 

I like to discover art treasures, that’s my main driving force.

How has the company changed since you first started it?

When I started the company I didn’t understand the hype around building a team. I was solo and I liked it. Today we’re a small gang working together. I’m convinced: bringing on team members has been the single best decision I’ve done as small business owner.

Your biggest business lesson(s)?

Before the fusion (2012) with my colleague Ulrika E Engberg, Fine Little Day was a was a one woman’s show, it was rather crazy for a while and took a lot of valuable time and energy from my family life. Today things are different, that's good.

Who or what inspires you?

I love handmade things. Folk art, outsider art and in particular kid’s art, and get inspired by visiting fleas and second hand stores.

How do you decide who to collaborate with?

Me and Ulrika E Engberg has pretty much the same taste, and always get excited when we’re stumbling on a for us, “new” talent. Normally we’re talking by sending pictures back and forth between us. I’m very fast in deciding, while Ulrika needs to think, we complement each other well.

Tell us a bit about a typical day in the office?

There are no typical days, at least not for me. I still work mostly from home. I have no routines, everyday is a new day.

In 3 years, where are you then? 

I have no idea. Feels like the world it’s going to be something else after the current pandemic situation. I hope it’s a world to look forward to. 

Thanks Elizabeth 🙂

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fine little day photography Hilda GranathThe team. Photographer: Hilda Grahnat fine little day offices hilda grahnat The offices outside of Gothenburg, Sweden. Photographer: Hilda Grahnat Fine Little Day Swimmers Poster  Swimmers Cushion. Original artwork by Elisabeth Dunker. Below: Their shop in Gothenburg. Fine little Day Shop Gothenburg

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