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Outdoor Cinema Party in 6 Easy Steps

Outdoor Cinema Party in 6 Easy Steps

Gabrielle Spang
3 minute read

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How to organise an Outdoor Cinema Party 

My daughter Cornelia recently turned 9, and initially we were meant to have a rock climbing party. But as Covid  restrictions did not ease in time for her party, we decided to move it to our house and organise an outdoor cinema party instead. I am so glad we did as it was so much fun setting it all up! 

If you are thinking about organising your own movie party outdoors, here is what you will need: 

1) A projector and a screen. There are tonnes out there and it's definitely worth doing some research to find the perfect one for you. The ones we bought were not the cheapest but I am a firm believer in quality over quantity. The projector and screen we bought will last us for years to come. 

If you are interested in finding out which projector we bought, here is the link.

And here is a link to the screen.

Both were super easy to set up and can be easily assembled and reassembled.

2) Something to cover light from hitting the screen if it's too light outside. We used our garden canopy. I am sure it can also be a dark tablecloth, a sail, a dark blanket or bedlinen to cover the sun's rays from hitting the screen. 

3) A laptop you can download films on and connect to the projector from.

4)  A film. We had so many recommendations for films from our Instagram to suit a bunch of 9-10 year olds, but we ended up watching one of Cornelia's old favourites: Middle School.

Other suggestions were: Luca, Skater Girl, Yes Day, Raya, Now and Then, Cruela, Enola Homes, he new Lion King, Goonies and Tororo (and many more)

5) Outdoor seating. We already had most of the items for the outdoor cinema, however as it was a sunny day we also brought out a rug and some extra seating from our living room.

6) Food and drinks! We went for pizzas in trays, popcorn in popcorn trays, pre-filled sweet bags plus beautiful cupcakes from a local bakery and asked everyone to bring their own named water bottle to make it as corona friendly as possible. Everyone was happy!

Want to know more? Send me a DM on @scandiminis Instagram with any questions I may not have covered in this blog post.

xx Scandi Minimal 


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