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Cornelia's Scandinavian Kids Bedroom (updated)

Cornelia's Scandinavian Kids Bedroom (updated)

Gabrielle Spang
2 minute read

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Cornelia's Scandinavian Kids Bedroom

I thought I'd give you a tour of Cornelia's Scandinavian Kids Bedroom. I know you love getting inspiration, so here are some pictures of our autumn home styling.

Talking of which....There is something special about autumn, the colours, the chillier weather, the change of season. You want to stay at home more (which is lucky, given we are in lockdown again), eat more apple pie (again, lucky, as I like to bake!), cosy up with a book and....decorate. At least, that's what I personally spend my free time doing. I change a room and then I change it again, perhaps I should add, to the annoyance of my husband. I love seeing the outcome, sometimes an improvement, sometimes what my son would call a glow down. I love that word, glow down!

How many times have I changed Cornelia's room? I will make a blog post soon showcasing all the different styles we've been through, I will need to scroll down our Instagram to see how many times we have changed everything around. I think perhaps 15? (and she's 8, so that's twice a year. Yikes.)

Here is my latest styling, which I think make her room look like a typical Scandinavian kids bedroom with its simplicity but with a bohemian, French twist with the colour scheme.

What do you think? The cushions are a mix of old and new, the posters from Fine Little Day we've had for years and the bed and the storage boxes are from Ferm Living. All cushions and posters and the Ferm Living storage boxes can be found in my shop Scandi Minimal. 

With Love,



Cornelia's room. The doll's basket is from Numero 74 (see below).Scandinavian Kids Bedroom

We love cushions! These are from Ferm Living (left), Fine Little Day (middle) and Madam Stoltz (right).

Fine Little Day Madam Stoltz

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