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    Nicolas Vahe

    Nicolas Vahé dough cutter

    Who is not fond of home baking and the smell of freshly baked bread? With Nicolas Vahé's dough cutter, baking becomes easy and fun. Use it to divide the bread dough into equal pieces or to lift them over on the baking sheet. In addition, the dough cutter is perfect to clean the tabletop after having kneaded the dough and you need to remove the extra dough scraps.

    • Dough cutter, Acacia, l: 11.5 cm, w: 1.5 cm, h: 15 cm
    • Material:Acacia Tree, Stainless steel

    About Nicolas Vahe:

    Nicolas Vahé believes it should be easy to eat good, tasteful and healthy food every single day. Their products tell a story, create an atmosphere and make sense in a daily routine of cooking.