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    Iris Hantverk

    Iris Hantverk Waxed Beech Toothbrush

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    Iris Hantverk Waxed Beech Toothbrush. Luxurious wooden toothbrush in waxed beechwood. The brush consists of bristleswhich have been boiled several times to be sterilized. A plastic freeand compostabletoothbrush that is nice to display in the bathroom. Machine Made in Germany.

    Weight 7 g
    Length 17 cm
    Width 1 cm
    Height 2 cm

    Iris Hantverk is a Swedish company which was founded in 1870 to help visually impaired craftsmen. Hantverk means craft in Swedish and these talented visually impaired craftsmen have been making handmade, natural homeware products under the name Iris Hantverk ever since. It brings new dimensions to the concept of sensitively made by hand.