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Bon Dep Knekki Hair Tie Lace Dusty Lavender Glitter

Bon Dep Knekki Hair Tie Lace Dusty Lavender Glitter

The original Bon Dep Kknekki is recognized as one of best hairties in the world. The unique weaving technique makes them extreme gentle to any kind of hair and they won't fade, fray or slacken, even when worn in salt water. They're also allergic-friendly. The unique craft and weaving technique with more than 60 threads has given us almost infinity color and combination options.

Key features of Bon Dep's Kknekki Hair Ties:

- Gentle to any kind of hair

- Holds all day

- Looks great both in hair and on the wrist

About Bon Dep

Bon Dep is a Norwegian hair accessories brand with a range of high quality hair accessories. Shop them now from Scandi Minimal.

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