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Scandi Travels: Summer Destinations In Sweden

Scandinavian Travels - Top 5 Summer Destinations In Sweden

Scandinavian Travels - Top 5 Summer Destinations In Sweden

8 minute read

Top 5 Summer Destinations In Sweden for your Scandinavian Travels

Dreaming of Scandinavian travels? If you are like us, you are tentatively planning a summer holiday this year, while dreaming of all the places you plan to go next year and beyond.  For many, Scandinavian travels and Nordic destinations seem like places to curl up in front of a fire in a furry coat- but the amazing summer destinations on this list will have you rethinking your travel plans for next summer. Read on for our top 5 Swedish summer destinations to help plan your Scandinavian holiday.


No. 1:  Skane

In the corner of Southwest Sweden, Skane is easy to access from Northern Europe or from flights into Copenhagen airport.  If you are looking for a beach escape, the immaculate white sand beaches of Falsterbo and Skanor, known as the Swedish Riviera,  will fit the bill, or check out the stunning coastlines in Osterlen and insta-worthy colourful beach huts in Skanor.  Other summer outdoor musts include the vast network of hiking and biking trails throughout the region, Stenshuvud National Park (boasting views over the Baltic sea), apple picking at orchards in Kivik, and fishing and canoeing in Ivösjön and Immeln.  Arild, a charming fishing village with only a few hundred inhabitants, is worth a visit for stunning views, Krapperup castle, Kullen lighthouse and more.

To round out your trip, visit the region’s capital, Malmo, for a culture fix.  The Renaissance Malmohouse castle, charming cobblestones of Lilla Torg town square, modern architecture of the Torso building, and art at Malmo Konstall.  Need a caffeine fix?  Try the Swedish concept offika, which literally means coffee and cake with the added relaxed mindset that Scandinavian culture is so famous for. We love Atrium, in the heart of Malmo.


No. 2: Gothenburg

Sweden’s second largest city is great for a culture and foodie break during your Scandinavian travels.  With multiple amazing dining options, a laid-back vibe, and a booming nightlife, it’s definitely on our radar as a top summer destination in Sweden.  Seafood is the main ingredient here, with fresh goods coming straight from the North Sea. Try the classic shrimp sandwich or venture into more posh culinary delights at one of the city's inventive restaurants.

Best explored by wandering and walking, the trendy shops and cafes of Gothenburg are not to be missed.  Super instagrammable, the pop up restaurants and culinary institutions give Gothenburg the title of Sweden’s culinary capital.


Gothenburg is also a great place to explore the natural beauty of the area. Jump on a ferry to explore one (or more!) of the mini islands that make up the archipelago, and try your hand at fishing, kayaking or bouldering, or simply seal-watching.  The little villages are often car-free, so you can find a perfect spot for a private picnic if you are up for a hike.  Also worth noting isAllemansrätten, translating to Right of Public Access, meaning that you can roam freely anywhere you like.  Stop and pick berries?  Go for it.  Hike through that field?  No problem. You are literally free to swim, camp, and explore anywhere you like.  All while being respectful to the countryside and Mother Nature, of course!

Finally, if music is your vibe, be sure to check out the Way Out Festival and plan accordingly.  For three days in August, music is playing 24/7 at this festival in Slottsskogen, featuring some of the world's biggest names in music, along with film screenings, feasts, dj sets and more.  Patty Smith, Prince, Kayne and Neil Young have all taken part over the past 11 years of the festival, amping up the trendy vibes of this town.


No. 3:  Oland

Sweden’s second largest island, this gem holds the summer residence of the royal family, Solliden Palace.  Open to the public May to September, the stunning gardens are definitely worth a visit.  You’ll also find the ruins of the baroque Borgholm Castle, some of the most beautiful ruins in Sweden and worth a visit during your Scandinavian travels.  Sweden’s tallest lighthouse, Lange Jan, is also on the island, dating back to the 18th century.

Striking nature in the form of huge cliffs and stunning coastline make Oland a memorable sight to see during your Scandanavian travels. It’s natural exposed limestone bedrock along with its huge bird and orchid population make this island a destination for nature lovers of all types, and culture buffs will love the history of the island’s ruins, dating back to 6,000 BC.  The southern part of the island has been dubbed a Unesco World Heritage site since 2000.  And, like most islands of Sweden, the waters are crystal clear and the sandy beaches are immaculate, so day out at the beach is a must-do.

While you are here, you must try the local speciality ofkroppkaka, a potato-based doughy bun filled with onions and pork and served with lingonberry jam.  Definitely hearty fare, best eaten before a big hike or bike ride!

And don’t forget to visit Kalmar before heading out on the 6km long bridge to Oland.  You don’t want to miss one of the oldest cities in the country, with the cobbled streets of the town center, the  Renaissance-style Kalmar Castle, and the Kalmar City Festival, which offers free concerts during a festival every August.


No. 4: Gotland


Sweden’s largest island, Gotland, located in the Baltic Sea, will tempt you with more than 800km of coastline, made up of sandy beaches and sculptural fields of limestone sea stacks called raukar.  If it is sun you are after during your Scandaiavian trip, Gotland receives the most sun per year over any other part of Sweden!  The seaside resort town of Ljugarn is the perfect spot for a relaxing beach holiday, once a posh high-society hang out, and now a lovely seaside town.


Visby, Gotland’s main town, is enchanting with its cobbled streets, history-filled churches, and Viking history.  It’s another Unesco World Heritage site, due to its preserved trading town history.  The best way to explore is to rent a bike and follow the ancient walls of the city or take a break and follow a walking tour in the city centre.


Visiting with the family?  Lummelunda cave is worth a visit- it’s the island’s top attraction- for a family-friendly tour or more adventurous climb for the thrill-seekers out there.  Fans of Pippi? The Pippi Longstocking tv series was filmed here, and Kneippbyn Amusement Park center’s its water and theme park around her Villa Villekulla.


Foodie specialities include a saffron pancake with rice, served with cream and dewberry jam, called 

Saffranspannkaka.  Seafood is also amazing here, as is the island-reared lamb.   Veggie lovers will delight in local wild garlic and asparagus as well as Gotlandic truffle.  And be sure to tryGotlandsdricka, a local juniper-flavoured ale that has been brewed on the island for centuries.



No. 5:  Stockholm


Last, but definitely not least, we feature Stockholm, the Swedish capital city that spreads across an archipelago of fourteen islands, a must-see during your Scandanavian travels. Famous for its laid-back vibe, cool urban scene and modern design aesthetic, Stockholm is perfect for a summer city break.

As with most big cities, Stockholm’s different neighborhoods offer their own distinct vibe.  Södermalm is an artsy, chilled-out island, Normalm has a cool, downtown feel, while Östermalm is posh and elegant.  Highlights include shopping along the popular shopping street Södermalm’s Götgatan for fashion and homewares, a visit to the 16th century Nationalmuseum for art and the Royal Palace, the official residence of His Majesty the King of Sweden.  The Vasa Museum is another amazing institution, featuring a ship that sank in 1628 and was pulled out in the 1960s- one of Scandanvia’s most popular museums.


Ferries offer quick and easy access to exploring the archipelago during your Scandanavian travels to see another side of Stockholm.  Vaxholm’s historic wooden houses are worth a visit, along with its waterside cafes, shops, and restaurants.  And Djurgården has loads on offer- from museums to the famous Grona Lund funfair. 


Stockholm’s foodie scene is based on sustainable practices and local ingredients.  From classic comfort food (likepyttipanna, a blend of fried meat and potatoes topped with egg, beetroot and cornichons) to hybrid cuisines like Swedish-French restaurants, there is something on offer for everyone’s palate.  Many Swedish restaurant’s focus on design as well, so all of your senses are tempted at the same time.


We hope this gives you some food for thought!  Of course, there is so much more out there than we can possibly put in this blog post, but we hope this gives you a starting point in planning your Scandinavian travels!

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