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Embrace the Scandi Minimalist style: Better for the planet:

Embrace the Scandi Minimalist style: Better for the planet:

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Embrace the Scandi Minimalist style and preloved designer clothing 

Scandi Minimalist. I am not sure when that phrase was coined but it's more relevant than ever. But first, let's go back in time for a moment and into the world of preworn clothing.

Although second hand shops, preloved and vintage shops have existed for a long time, they were always kind of niche. I was never into second hand clothing growing up, nor were most of my peers. I wanted the latest, the newest, the coolest, the trendiest items for each season, browsing websites and blogs for inspiration on what colours, cuts and brands to invest in. Inspiration came from ads, magazines and friends.

And I think it's fair to say that us 70s kids were brought up with mass consumption as something 'good', a sign that you had succeeded, and a never ending churn of new items from H&M, Zara, Topshop & other more expensive brands. Environmentally and organic clothing options only started appearing to the broader masses in the late 2000s.

My love for fast-fashion clothing had already dwindled when I set up Scandi Mini in 2010, my children's fashion shop and website with over 150 independent brands. Almost all brands I met and stocked were environmentally conscious, produced with eco cotton, in factories which cared about sustainability, labour rights and circular fashion and I consciously set out to stock these brands in my shop. Some of the earliest ones were The Animals Observatory, Bobo Choses and Mini Rodini, to name a few but there were many, many others.

I was so inspired by their journeys and their missions, that I started my own journey into thinking about how my own consumption patterns impacted the environment. Before I go on any further I also want to say that I am in no way perfect and that I still buy new things. But it was at this point that I started to run my own preloved events, about 8 years ago, in 2015 and how I started selling my own Scandi preloved clothing.  

Why Preloved Clothing is better for the planet and for you:

I am sure you know this already but let me just repeat it just in case:

By choosing preloved fashion, you are diverting fashion waste from landfills, contributing to a circular economy, and supporting sustainable fashion.

By I think it's something bigger than that.

I believe we have to start getting comfortable with who we are and that a new item(s) won't change that. You're still you, and I am still me, regardless if you or I have brand new things or not. 

By consciously thinking about how your own purchase patterns contribute to the environment, you have the power to redefine what fashion is and should be. Saying no to buying new and more all the time, creates a positive impact on how we view mass consumption, the need to have more than you need and accepting who we are. Only buying what you need, and what you love, and what truly expresses your personality is a different matter and one I support. And when you can, buy preloved.

Scandi Minimalist style

As a Scandi myself, I have always been inspired by the minimalist style movement, with sleek designs and minimal clutter. It's the way I've always aimed to 'design' my interior spaces/where I've lived, and the way I've dressed myself. I haven't always behaved the 'minimalist' way when it comes to shopping for new clothing however. 

The power of dressing has always been inspiring to me, and I truly love fashion (and still do). For me, it's the first step in portraying my values and individuality and I love expressing my personality through clothes. But more really isn't better. Having more of everything only contributes to clutter and unnecessary space, and doesn't give you freedom to focus on what is truly important: living in the present and being with loved ones.

To truly embrace a Scandi Minimalist style, here are some questions to ask yourself about each of the items you own so you can decide whether to sell/donate, or keep it/them. You can also ask these questions when you are about to buy something new, too.

  • Do I love it?
  • Do I get value out of this item?
  • Will I wear it more than once in the next 90 days?
  • Does it go with other things I own?
  • Does it reflect my values?

Scandi minimalist hugs,


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